About Us

Securing your most important asset, your people

No matter how many security products organisations purchase, it doesn’t stop employees from falling victim to online scams and specially crafted emails. Some attacks are surprisingly low-tech, and realistic, resulting in data theft or fraud, costing organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars (some in millions!).

That’s where we can help…

CybEssential offers security awareness programs and solutions, with a focus on employee training and simulated phishing to help build cyber security awareness and your organisation’s resilience against cyber crimes. 

The building blocks of a cyber security awareness program

Our Approach

As your cyber security awareness partner, our integrated approach will provide you with a clear line of sight, from determining your human cyber security risks to selecting and delivering innovative phishing simulations and training solutions that have a real impact. 

From early vulnerability assessments to rolling out targeted spear phishing simulations and cyber security training, we have expertise across a wide range of technologies employed throughout the cyber security awareness continuum.

Our Story

CybEssential was established by the founders of internationally recognised cyber security service provider, Sentaris, who saw a gap in the market for fully managed  security awareness programs and simulated phishing to help improve organisations cyber security posture and prevent cyber attacks.

Why CybEssential?

Cybercriminals are stealing data and costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, while human error is frequently identified as the weakest link. Making sure your employees are informed of current attacker strategies, as well as teaching them how to recognise phishing emails, will significantly reduce your organisation’s risk.

Not only can our team of experts design and manage your employee security awareness program at fraction of the price, but our programs are also fully customised with a strategic focus on providing the best interactive online security awareness training and simulated phishing available, to dramatically lower your risk of cyber attack.

Contact us today to find out how we can reduce your organisations risk of phishing attack.

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