Educate your employees to be your first line of defence

Reduce your organisation’s risk of phishing attacks with CybEssential’s fully managed cyber security awareness training. 

For a small fee, we can take on the role of your organisation’s cyber security awareness training program manager, by delivering on-demand, interactive security awareness training and phishing campaigns with guaranteed results.

Your fully managed employee training program

At CybEssential, we provide an affordable, comprehensive, and fully managed security awareness program that delivers guaranteed results. Our customised solutions encompass all aspects of user management, engaging online training, and real-world phishing simulations. Additionally, we offer comprehensive reporting tools to measure, monitor, and continuously enhance risk reduction over time.

Employee security awareness training programs made easy

At CybEssential, we design and deliver effective, online cyber security awareness education programs with a wide range of features and benefits.

From not-for-profit organisations to large enterprises, CybEssential is educating thousands of users every day.

Just one click can undermine your entire organisations security

At CybEssential, we believe that training your personnel on the newest attacker methods and tactics is your best defence against growing cyber threats. This is why our cyber security awareness training packages contain everything your organisation requires to increase security awareness and resilience in the face of cybercrime.

Graphic showing phishing cyber crime - cyber security awareness
Phishing Attacks
Passwords & Authentication
Working securely from home
Secure Internet and email use
Social Engineering
Mobile Device Security
Public Wi-Fi

Discover training topics your employees will love

We have a large selection of on-demand, interactive courses that are short and engaging (and won’t put your users to sleep!). 

Course modules and micro-modules cover core topics such as Phishing attacks, Passwords & Authentication, Working Securely from Home, Secure Internet & Email Use, Physical Security, Social Engineering, Mobile Device Security, Public Wi-Fi, and many more.

All you need to build employee security awareness

Online and Interactive Training

Users retain more information with short on-line videos and interactive learning
Graphic showing phishing cyber crime - cyber security awareness

Simulated Phishing

Instantly educate at-risk users and find out who's at risk with simulated phishing attacks

Fun and Corporate

Choose between corporate, friendly and fun training styles

User Personalised

Programs are delivered that target each users' individual highest risk areas first.

Fully Managed

Comprehensive training program fully managed by security awareness experts

Tackle Individual Risk Areas

Receive personalised programs targeting highest risk areas first

Monitor Level of Awareness

Identify and monitor each users' weakest areas of security awareness

Multiple Languages

Training modules offered in multiple language

Ready to boost your organisations cyber security?

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